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What Is Stevia?

A native plant found North & South America, Stevia is a plant widely grown for it's naturally sweet leaves. The extract from the leaves of the Stevia plant can be up to 300 times the sweetness of Sugar, however what has really made Stevia the world's most popular natural sweetener is it's zero carbohydrate, zero-sugar benefits. As more and more families are made aware of the benfits of low sugar diets, natural sweeteners like Stevia that have virtually no effect on blood glucose levels are increasingly saught after. 

  Stevia    Sugar      
Calories   0    32        
Net Carbohydrates   0g    8g        
Dietary Fiber   1g    0g        

Not All Stevia is created equal. Stick with brands you can trust. Sweetleaf and Nunaturals continue produce the world's best quality Stevia.

Stevia Taste 

Over the years natural and artificial sweeteners that have entered the market have been criticised because of their strong bitter after taste. In order for these sweeteners to maintain their sweet taste they often come in very high concentrations. The extract from the Stevia plant on the other hand has a natural taste up to 300 times that of Sugar so the concentration does not have to be as high, which is why it has won many awards for it's great taste and nutritional benefits.   


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